Guest Caye Does It All

No other online reservation system or marketing platform available in the Caribbean region can match the full feature set provided by an online Guest Caye Resort Marketing account. From lead generation and nurturing to online booking and confirmations, Guest Caye enables you to drive more sales everyday. Once guests are booked, we help you communicate with them accurately and personally with automated emails that save you time and serve your guests better. Having satisfied guests at checkout can deliver referrals for future business. Guest Caye is the perfect way to send messages to your contacts to bring people back and encourage social media sharing.

Here’s What a Guest Caye Account Offers You:
Automatic Lead Capture

Automatic Lead Capture & Nurturing

Capture booking prospects right from your website with simple opt-in forms and special offers designed to get your web visitors to give you email permission. Within minutes, Guest Caye sends your prepared “Welcome” emails packed with great information about your property and book-now offers. If they don’t convert to booking, a series of follow-up emails seeks to convince the lead to convert to booking. All these activities happen automatically once your resort content is created and loaded into the system.

Website Booking

Easy Website Booking

Display your booking calendar on any page of your website, and conduct the entire transaction without ever leaving your page. This gives people the secure experience they expect: your guests simply choose their arrival date, rooms, and extras, then check out with any major credit card or PayPal, Google Check-Out, or other options including "deposit only" bookings.

Reservations Calendar

Front Desk Reservations Calendar

Enjoy easy point & click navigation that shows all your rooms on-screen at a glance. Color-coded by booking status and source, every reservation is accessible with a single click to the details screen where you manage contact information, charges, payments, and checkout paperwork. You have full control over your room inventory and can sell online, by phone, by email, or (optionally) through SiteMinder global distribution services (see information below).


Graphical Results Dashboard

Your Guest Caye home page will display real-time results for you to understand and make informed decisions about your online marketing program. Tied into Google Web Analytics, your dashboard will display key booking metrics (sales, occupancy, inventory), key marketing metrics (leads, conversions, costs), and key website metrics (visits, entrances, email captures). This business intelligence lets you fine tune your marketing to get every possible booking.

Guest Confirmation

Guest Confirmation, Welcome and On-Boarding Emails

As soon as a guest makes a reservation, you need to communicate important details that put your guest’s mind at ease. This may take a lot of time at your resort, but you recognize just how important guest relations can be. Guest Caye lets you set up your guest messages in advance exactly as you want them, then you simply “set it and forget it.” Every guest gets the messages you want when you want them sent… without lifting a finger.


Guest Loyalty and Referrals

Automated personalized emails sent to every guest a few days after checkout has proven to be a very powerful marketing strategy. You simply thank guests and kindly ask for help in posting TripAdvisor reviews, Facebook sharing and/or “Tell-a-Friend” email forwarding. Many guests are more than happy to help, and their feedback gives you valuable insights for delighting future guests.

Access Anywhere

SaaS Account You Can Access Anywhere

Guest Caye is a “Software as a Service” model that means you don’t need to buy costly servers, hardware, or installation services. You save electricity because you only need your computer and an internet connection to access everything Guest Caye has to offer you. Totally secure with encrypted ecommerce functions, Guest Caye takes all the worry out of running your system. You even get automatic software updates with no upcharges as we release additional functionality.


Experienced Online Marketing Pros

The people behind Guest Caye have been developing online marketing solutions since 1996 and have served some of the biggest names in consumer marketing over the years. Applying that know-how and the latest in online technology to the international travel market is a perfect fit for HyperDrive Interactive, the firm launching Guest Caye Resort Marketing. Our staff in the U.S.A., as well as local marketing partners, will work with you every step of the way to ensure your success. Whatever it takes, we will be there supporting you.

Guest Relationship Management

Single Database for Guest Relationship Management (GRM)

A simple, well-organized database keeps track of every contact to help you leverage your database to drive more sales, more referrals, and more profits for you. You can grow your database both digitally as well as manually, giving you the flexibility to increase your influence.

Building Blocks

SEO and Campaign Building Blocks

Search engines (such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo) are your single biggest online market for travel shoppers seeking to book upcoming travel with your hotel or resort. Guest Caye helps you define your organic search strategy so you can gain more traffic to consider your offers. We supply you with lead capture widgets and conversion website landing pages that automatically capture, qualify, and convert new business for you.