A Successful Case Study -
Table Rock Jungle Lodge, Cayo, Belize

The founder of Guest Caye met Alan and Colleen Spring in 2009 while staying at their eco-resort located outside of San Ignacio, Belize. He immediately fell in love with this amazing resort and the people that work there. Table Rock was a few years old and had not yet reached profitability with an occupancy rate hovering under 30%. The owners were anxious to know how they could grow their business using the Internet. Guest Caye began by helping them redesign their website for better usability and lead capture. Next, we improved search engine tactics and launched an email marketing program. Table Rock directed the creation of new email and web content and the full system was deployed in November, 2010.

This pilot program demonstrates the effectiveness of Guest Caye marketing at building a persuasive online value proposition powered by online reservations, automated email marketing and property owners who fully embrace the idea of making friends and winning fans so they can refer others to Table Rock.

Table Rock Business Challenges
  • Increase bookings to reach profitability
  • Drive higher occupancy for additional rooms (from 3 to 5)
  • Save time currently spent on manual processes
  • Build relationships with former guests and contacts

Guest Caye Solution: Create an online booking data integration with the ExactTarget email platform to deliver automated email messages based on lead capture, booked guest confirmation, guest check out, and full list broadcast newsletters.

  • Table Rock Jungle Lodge reaches profitability in Q1 2011
  • Bookings have increased 51% on average
  • Occupancy rate is up 118% vs. last year (added 2 rooms)
  • Over 100 positive reviews on TripAdvisor (#2 B+B in Cayo)
  • Named “Small Hotel of the Year” by Belize Tourism Board
  • Significant time saved in dealing with individual guest communications
  • Emails are opened and clicked by over 70% of leads
  • About 35% of leads captured booked with Table Rock

Email Marketing Really Works

According to Research from Epsilon’s Email Branding Study: Flying High: Measuring the Value of Email Marketing for the Travel Industry, the receipt of permission-based email makes travel consumers more likely to do business with a travel company.

  • 63% of recipients of permission-based email from travel companies more likely to buy from companies that send them email
  • 50% who receive permission-based email from travel companies said they feel more loyal towards the sending companies and their brands
  • 86% of respondents who opt to receive email from travel companies do so to learn about sales, discounts and special offers
  • 51% subscribe to learn about existing packages and destinations
  • 48% subscribe to receive coupons
  • 46% subscribe to hear about new packages, routes and destinations
  • 69% want to receive personalized content based on their website activity and past purchases
  • 48% who receive email from a travel company said the email has a direct impact on offline purchases.

Business Benefits for Your Resort

Increasing your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is how you can measure progress as you build higher profits for your business. Guest Caye helps you keep your eye on the most important drivers of your success and suggests ways to improve your results.

Bookings per Month Get More Bookings

Part of your inventory disappears at the end of each day. Sell more rooms in advance online.

Income per Guest Get More Income Per Guest

Your guests bring money to spend on their trip. You can win a higher “share of wallet” with proactive offers.

Occupancy Rates Raise Your Occupancy Rate

A 60% occupancy rate is twice as profitable as a 40% rate. Advance booking sales drive your rate upward.

So Easy To Use Every Way

We know you are very busy running your property and delighting guests. The last thing you need is more work that eats your time. Guest Caye was created with your busy day in mind and we think we will give you back more time than we take. Your reservation system can be set up or modified in a few minutes and taking reservations has never been easier. Just point, click, and start to type your new booking right into the calendar. Automated guest communications means you don’t have to spend all night answering email or processing guest “form requests,” since Guest Caye does all the work for you.

Not Like Other Hotel Reservation Software

You have seen systems that look too complicated with a steep learning curve to master all the details of older software. Guest Caye is different. Every aspect of this new system was built to be easy and intuitive for you and your staff. You won’t get frustrated trying to make a change or access your data. Guest Caye is your key to growth, all enabled by the easy steps it takes and total support package that helps you succeed.