Manage Marketing & Booking in One Easy Platform

Guest Caye is the only integrated platform specifically designed for Caribbean resorts, hotels & lodges. Guest Caye was developed with your smaller property in mind. You can easily manage all your online marketing and booking tasks with a simple, easy-to-use, web-based platform. To compete effectively and improve profits, your self-reliant business must attract online travel shoppers, capture more leads and convert leads into paying customers at the lowest costs possible. Guest Caye integrates all the key technologies needed to deliver complete online sales and marketing success: your website, online booking, email marketing and social media that drives more web traffic and converts more leads for you.

Today’s online travel shopper has high expectations for your website and online booking experience. Most travelers have booked online before, and they all have little patience for clunky processes or long form reservation requests. Your best prospects want all the information online with the ability to book their trip on your website with no hassle at all. Can you really afford to turn away tech-savvy travelers with a “less than perfect online booking experience?”

Guest Caye solves your booking challenges with an affordable, easy-to-use online software solution. By far, Guest Caye is the easiest to learn online reservation system on the market today. It features an advanced and time-proven email marketing platform, an easy to use guest and contact data base, online booking and reservation control panel as well as an ongoing results dashboard to track your daily progress. Guest Caye does it all… at a price that allows you to pay for it with only one or two more bookings per month!

Guest Caye Resort Marketing Platform

Guest Caye Resort Marketing Platform

Guest Caye Manages Your Entire Guest Lifecycle

Take control over the way online travelers experience your resort at every stage of contact. Guests come and go, but did you realize that your guests expect different communications from you at each stage of the purchase lifecycle? Consider how people just starting to shop for their travel destination are radically different than those that just checked out this morning. Both deserve your attention, but their information needs and your sales opportunity are totally different.

Understanding the Lifecycle of Resort Guests

Life Cycle Online Prospects
  • Web visits to travel portals, hotel websites, TripAdvisor, travel blogs and other resources
  • Seeking deals, discounts and sales at resorts that meet their criteria
  • Collect three or more possible choices and then wait
  • Decision is made and hotel is booked online or by contact
Booked Guest
  • Expect email confirmation with all travel details correct sent immediately
  • Expect helpful advice and links to more information about options and upgrades
  • Open to purchase of add-on services including tours, transportation, meals, etc.
  • Expect the ability to print out their reservations folio to take on their trip
  • May have questions and other customer service needs.
Past Guest
  • Thank you email with personal touch sent day after check out
  • Follow up email a week later asking for online reviews, satisfaction survey and referrals
  • Social media engagement for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube improve referral odds
  • Ongoing contact via broadcast emails keep referrals coming and repeat visit bookings

Leverage Every Consumer "Touch Point" for Success

Doing Online Marketing Right Is Difficult and Time Consuming… Guest Caye Makes It Easier. Guest Caye helps maximize your results at each stage of the entire guest lifecycle. Now your website and timely email messages deliver the best information to the right people at the right time. Your business gains a competitive advantage that drives higher bookings and more profit per every guest. Guest Caye is here to help you succeed with software and services that guarantee success.

Traveler Stage Touchpoints Guest Caye Capability
1 Pre-Travel Shopping Search Engines, Online Visibility
2 Travel Destination Criteria Attractive Website, Clear Value Proposition
3Short List ChoicesLead Capture Web Widgets with Auto Email
4Air and Hotel SelectionsLead Nurture Emails, Booking Offers
5Online Booking TransactionEasy Booking Process, Secure Transaction
6Online Booking Confirmation MessageData Driven Confirmation Email
7Welcome and On-Boarding MessageAutomated Guest Welcome Email, Up-Sell
8Pre-Arrival MessagesGuest Relations Info, Up-Sell
9Check-In GreetingPersonalized Welcome, Capture Permissions
10Relations During StayThat’s All Up To You – Be Amazing!
11Check-Out Thank YouAutomatic Thank You Emails to Each Guest
12Post-Stay MessagesSocial Media Sharing, TripAdvisor Reviews
13Ongoing Broadcast EmailsSeasonal Specials, Package Promotions, News
14Social Media Fans and FollowersEmail Sharing Tools, Facebook Fan Pages
15Guest Referral MessagesReferral Programs, Guest Loyalty

Build Your Contacts Database Asset

Profit Now and Harvest Future Profits Later with GRM Database. The key to higher profit from your business is an increased occupancy rate. Many resorts show about a 42% average occupancy with some great months, but too many unprofitable months. The ups and downs of the hospitality industry are well documented, but smart operators like you can build their database of prospects, guests, and contacts to boost bookings and enjoy higher profitability.

At the heart of every Guest Caye account is a powerful Guest Relationship Management (GRM) system. It offers a database of all of your contacts, organized by multiple personal profile attributes, that lets you target different messages to different people while keeping track of results automatically. Email marketing enables you to send beautiful messages packed with information the people in your database want to learn. Guest Caye makes it super easy, and much of your email marketing program can be set up to run automatically.

Attract and Capture More Quality Leads

Automate your lead generation campaigns and reap the rewards of higher occupancy rates. The truth is the more people who consider your hotel, the more people will book your hotel. Guest Caye lets you easily build online promotions and campaigns that result in more travel leads captured than any other system you can find. We have developed easy-to-use “web widgets” that make capturing leads easy on your website and through online ads, and even Facebook promotions. Every lead captured is added to your database, and is instantly sent a custom-branded “Welcome” email containing links back to your online booking special offers and your website content.

Imagine converting just 5% more of your current web traffic to make a new reservation. How many additional room nights would just a 5% increase in traffic add to your bottom line? Guest Caye’s automated Lead Capture & Nurturing campaigns can do just that, according to your specifications. Now that’s advanced online marketing you can see working!

Start Your Guest’s Experience the Moment They Book

New technology booking engine delivers an experience your guests will rave about. A smooth online booking experience is a must with today’s security sensitive online shoppers. Guests want to book directly from your website, but they expect the experience to be similar to booking travel at a major travel portal or OTA.

  • Everything needs to be crystal clear and obvious to your potential guests, so just a few simple steps result in a completed booking.
  • Your new guest wants to receive a reservation confirmation with every detail correctly shown in the email.
  • Your booked guests want to know more about their upcoming stay with you - this is the best time to sell the many added benefits you can add to their trip.

Guest Caye helps you plan and create your own Guest Welcome & Onboarding campaign using your beautiful images, descriptive copy, links to your website and quick forms or surveys that help your guests tell you want they want most. Once created and activated in your Guest Caye account, this program runs completely automatically so you can serve your guests info needs 24 hours a day.

Make Friends and Win Fans To Drive Profits

Word of mouth marketing is your most powerful weapon for growing your business. Do you realize that, for most small businesses, up to 70% of their sales come from “word of mouth” recommendations and referrals from current customers? Every guest that has stayed with you immediately becomes your best ambassador for future sales. People trust their friends and family’s opinions, and even unknown online reviewers more than they trust any other source of information about travel. Your business gains a huge advantage when hundreds of former guests are actively recommending you in conversations and social media networks, like Facebook, Twitter and TripAdvisor.

Guest Caye helps you ask past guests, contacts, and prospects to help spread the word about your unique property. Timely emails that incorporate easy-to-share content encourage people to tell other people about their experiences with your resort. Social media integrations allow you to add Facebook ShareThis, Twitter, and Forward to a Friend with few clicks. You can unleash the power of word of mouth and multiply your marketing reach at virtually no cost.